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Workflow Process Improvement

We look into all aspects of the workflow process improvement relating to your business, by identifying the strengths and weaknesses within your workflows, to find what’s holding you back from setting you free.


We help you identify the processes and workflow efficiency of your business, and improve those processes to better reach your business goals.


Based on our analysis, we create systems to help you improve your operating processes, to free up wasted time and resources.


We work with you to help you and your staff to implement workflow process improvements so your business can grow and succeed.

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We’ve Got You Covered

At Six Unicorns Business Solutions, we believe that operational excellence is not achieved by fluke. We offer a number of services to help businesses streamline and grow. 

Developed Systems

We get clear on the real what and why by asking questions to assist in uncovering the true challenges faced by your organization.

Strategy Execution

We put business strategy theories into practice and will help implement and monitor the success of the strategies we create.

Increased Cost Efficiency

We pinpoint extraneous expenditures and provide ways to cut them so you stop wasting money and increase profit.  

Resource Management

We assess staff skills and tasks to maximize your human resources for a smooth flowing, more profitable business.  

Documentation Management

We turn chaos into order with ideas for system integrations and can work with your team to improve the existing framework.

Workflow Improvement

We design workflow processes aligned with your core values that function with less friction and lead to increased productivity and department satisfaction.

Preferred Partners

We know someone for that! Our reliable network of preferred partners can assist with other areas of your business and will help you achieve results.  

Real Estate Consulting

We specialize in commercial and residential real estate organizations



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Success Stories

Success and Revenue

Problem-solving is our specialty and the following case studies perfectly illustrate how I got to the crux of the issue and helped them strategize and implement processes that optimized their efficiency and revenue.

Big Step Forward

Increased productivity from the use of an outside the box solution

Ready, Set, Go!

Property management company systems and procedures

Tick Tock

The efficiency of Human Resources and time-saving techniques.

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Read More about How We Helped Our Clients Succeed

Don’t just take our word for it.  Hear what our clients have to say.

I have had the great pleasure to have Dayna work with us off and on for some time now. Dayna does an excellent job in everything she attacks and has been an asset to our organization. She has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized, and shows great attention to detail. She is able to follow the bouncing ball and generates ideas quickly on the best way to get to goal. If you need any kind of improvement in your company I would recommend Dayna to anyone who wishes to make their life more effective, easier and to take performance to the next level.   

Scott Doyle – Avison Young Real Estate Management 

“Dayna has been a resource for ensuring our business processes run smoothly and efficiently. She brings enthusiasm to the table and has given us some ideas we ordinarily wouldn’t have thought of. It’s great to have her as part of our team!” 

Dynamark Media

Dayna’s thorough knowledge of our business and accounting processes were a significant asset in helping us clean up our A/R. She’s extremely efficient and doesn’t shy away from problem-solving complicated issues. Striving to improve workflow, she’s always looking at ways to work smarter. And, her communication with Clients is carefully balanced with tenacity and professionalism.

Renee Quinn – CF Market Mall

Dayna managed my business requirements in a professional and efficient manner. She has insightful hands-on knowledge of the products recommended and I now have a solid understanding of the software I use. Two thumbs up! Dayna managed my financial requirements in a professional and efficient manner. She has insightful hands-on knowledge and a solid understanding of the software I use. Two thumbs up!

 Rhonda Eimer – MAT Specialist

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