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A Business Consultant will help your business make the correct decisions to get the best results.

About Me

Dayna Baerg |  Cheif Consultant & Strategist

I am a Business Consultant who likes to know ‘why’. Asking “why” always helps determine “what” needs to be done. In my business and in my personal life, I delight in finding the best ways of doing things, making life easier and better.
I grew up with parents who ran their own business. They taught me to always look for improvements in everything we do. I grew up loving hockey, and I learned the value of making the shortest pass to get the puck where you want it to go. I learned the value of focusing on your goals and working together as a team to get there. Before I even learned what workflows and processes were, I was looking at ways to make things more efficient, and as I grew up, I knew that I could make this into a career of helping others find these better ways.

I am not the type of business consultant that will try to sell you on what you don’t need. I will not tell you to change everything you do. I will help you build on the business you have, and show you how you can do what you already want to do but faster, more efficiently and more profitably. I look forward to getting to know you and your business and helping you make your business even better.

Our Mission

At Six Unicorns Business Solutions, we help businesses discover how to improve themselves. We offer unbiased expert advice to identify your business’s strengths and weaknesses and to offer solutions to help your business operate more efficiently and profitably. We go into an organization and ask lots of questions. The answers will help the organization better understand itself, and understand the changes it can make to thrive.
Even the smallest change can make a tremendous difference. Like compound interest, a small change in a business process releases profit which, over time, can make the difference between success and failure. 
If you feel that your business isn’t running as well as it should be, call us. We offer a fresh perspective to help you better do what you love to do. 

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