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What is Business Consulting?
How Can I Benefit from It?

Why Consult With Us? 

You are in business to make money, and the best way to do that is to provide your clients with the products and services they need at prices they are willing to pay and to do so as efficiently as possible. It sounds simple, but it isn’t. You are an expert on what you sell or the services you provide, but you can’t see everything. You can’t do everything. Others may better manage the technical aspects of the business. Fresh eyes may see the opportunities or the efficiencies that are being missed, and the money that’s leaving on the table. At Six Unicorns Business Solutions, we can look at your business with fresh, unbiased eyes. We can advise on opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and profits. We can guide you through the steps to make your business more efficient. We can help you make it easier to do what you love to do.

 When to Call Us 

  • Sales have hit a plateau.
  • Expenses continue to increase, eating into profitability.
  • You sense opportunities are being missed, and more can be done to serve your clients.
  • You have an amazing new idea, but you aren’t sure how to incorporate it into your current business processes.
  • Your business is scaling up, but your employees aren’t keeping up, and you want to know who else to hire, and how to manage your employees more efficiently.
  • You feel your business isn’t running as smoothly as it should be.

What makes a Successful Business?

A successful business does more than just meets the clients’ needs. There must be a clear process that ensures your business lives up to its standards and achieves its goals. These processes can be manual, automated, or a mix of both, but you must know what they are in order to know how to improve them. At Six Unicorns Business Solutions, we excel in helping businesses identify and create those processes and optimize them to increase those businesses’ success. We are experts in the latest technologies and techniques that take businesses to the next level, and we can do this with your business.

Optimizing Workflow 

Once we know the process a business runs on, we can tell the business who is responsible for each task. Now it’s possible to see which parts of the business are overworked, and where resources can be applied more effectively.

Improving Efficiency

An inefficient business process leaves money on the table. Clients are not being served as well as they should be. Not only does this reduce profits, it can drag down customer satisfaction, and repeat business. We identify ways to streamline inefficient processes, which will cut costs and raise revenues, boosting the bottom line.

Managing Your Resources

Your employees are the most vital resource of your business. Are you managing them efficiently? Once processes are mapped, we can properly assess a business’s staffing needs. Business can identify positions that are overworked and identify places where resources are not performing as effectively as they should. 

Work with the Best 

As your business consultant, we can help you find the best solutions you need to run your business as effectively and efficiently as possible. A successful business should always be on the look-out for improvements. We can offer suggestions on further investments in marketing and other revenue-building services and can connect you to digital marketing experts, web designers and copyrighters who can drive in traffic and increase your business.

Implement Your Strategies

Knowing what your processes and workflows are and knowing what needs to be changed is only half the battle. Now you have to implement those changes. At Six Unicorns, we will show you how to make sure you get the results you want.

The Six Unicorns Approach to Consulting

We want to be your partner, helping you, the business owner, to discover the solutions that work for you. We will bring a fresh and unbiased perspective to our consulting, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your business, and how you can make it grow. Your success is our success, so let us help you take your business higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a business consultant?

A business consultant is contracted to look at an existing business and identify its strengths and weaknesses. By examining the business’s processes and workflows, the consultant finds ways to improve operations, increasing profitability and improving services for the business’s clients.

Do I Need a Business Consultant?

If you feel that your profits aren’t as strong as they should be, if you feel that expenses are eating into your bottom line, if you feel that you are working hard with not enough to show for it, then maybe a business consultant can help. Business owners often do not have the skills or the objectivity to identify the flaws in their business, and a skilled and unbiased business consultant can help.

Do You Only Work With Large, Established Companies?

We work with companies of all sizes and in all stages of development. Whether you are a start-up or have been around for years, you need help as much as any large corporation, and we can evaluate your company and identify where improvements can be made. 

Do You Offer Ongoing Services?

We are happy to remain a part of your business team for the long haul. We offer personalized packages of services and solutions for your business, including periodic assessments and regular brainstorming sessions to see what new improvements can be made. You can choose the level that fits your needs and budget.

How Else Can You Help Support Us in Implementing the Changes We Need to Make?

Referrals are a great way to form profitable relationships that will help you grow your business. Six Unicorns Business Solutions has an excellent network of preferred partners and we can put you in touch with the right people for your needs. 

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