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Efficiency Through Economizing Routine Tasks

Company Size: 10-20

It is often said “there isn’t enough hours in the day”. For too many, the little things they need to do at work bog down the big tasks they have to complete. A deadline looms, but there seems to be more things to check off the checklist. Successful businesses address this problem through workflow efficiency. They don’t waste their time on inefficient processes. They invest in technologies that make repetitive work faster, or allow employees to work smarter. It isn’t a big secret or a magic trick: those who function at a higher capacity simply know how to economize on routine tasks. When something drags them down, they source out for a better way to perform. Regardless of the industry or the size of your company, everyone can learn to make immediate improvements to the way they work by watching for patterns in their business and re-modeling the behaviour to reduce redundancies.

The Challenge and Approach

The quest for efficiency begins with job descriptions and duties. These processes form the basis of the bigger picture and writing them out can bring to light areas that need improvement. By looking at each job’s tasks sequentially, we obtain a good understanding of the role each task has within the business. When we look at how documents flow between departments, we can find obvious clogs in the process that can be removed.

The Solution

By calling in a business consultant, companies can speed up the pace of their business. Cheques can be processed faster. Unnecessary paperwork can be eliminated. Employees can focus more hours a month on their larger tasks and increase their satisfaction by spending less time on repetitive and menial paperwork. An organization that commits to making small changes at every level will make big improvements to their overall efficiency and performance.

The Results

A more efficient business will see less time wasted through paperwork. Employees won’t have to break off what they do in order to fill out documentation. Tasks can be logged through mobile applications. The company becomes more flexible, the employees more focused on bigger, more important tasks. Supervisors are able to review and approve decisions on their mobile devices. Communications don’t get lost in filing cabinets or lengthy e-mail chains. New hires require less training and settle into their jobs more quickly. And the changes and updated processes are reviewed regularly through us to ensure objectives are being met, and new challenges aren’t disrupting improvements.

Number of Processes Eliminated


Hours Re-Allocated to Productive Work per Month

9 Hours+ 

Pages Saved per Month


“We were totally unaware that a few changes in the way we do things can save us all so much work and time.  We are all less stressed and get so much more done.”

Samantha S.   Office Manager

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